Another Requirement You Can Meet

Know anything about Adobe? Well today I will brief you. Have a seat. A lot of companies would like you to be familiar with it as a job requirement.

Adobe has a bunch of programs targeted at creative people. These most popular is probably Adobe Photoshop. Below are a few programs I found to be of interest. You will have to pay to download the full versions, but you might just find they really suit your needs. I have linked tutorials for each from across YouTube.

•  InCopy  •

If you’re into copywriting, you may be interested in this. At first glance it’s just like Microsoft Word but a little more serious looking. The difference is the magazine or whatever you’re writing for is not going to be a big document with vertically positioned paragraphs of equal width. That’s where you get to Tinker with the layout! Tutorial

•  Adobe Story  •

Are you a screenwriter? This is a more elite field, but if you have a hobby or dream you can’t be swayed from, check it out. Tutorial 2

•  Adobe Muse  •

You know you should learn some HTML basics, but you don’t know any or very little. If you have a code phobia or simply don’t have time to learn things from our coding brothers and sisters, then I recommend this program for creating websites. The linked video is long, but watch what you need. Tutorial 3

Don’t be intimidated by new programs! Programmers have been making them easier and easier for the layperson to learn.



Author: writingisforbirds

I am a marketing professional who loves to write. My interests are everything from crafts to social issues to birds to SEO.

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