Types of Typists

There was a point in my life where I looked over a keyboard and slowly pecked the keys with two fingers. Around the age of 16 or so, I gave myself typing lessons. Now I’m an exceptionally fast typist.

The lesson learned here is that I don’t think this is something you have to learn as a very young kid. Take a trip down my typing lesson if you want to get tips on how to go faster. Find your step and move on. Each one should take a day each.

a s d f j k l ;

Ah, the home keys. You can find “f” and “j” automatically after a while because of the ridges on those keys. I’m sure there are other strange ways of learning to type, but memorize these four first by having a day where you click each key from left to right over and over with all of your fingers resting on these and your thumbs on the space bar.

hag lag fad glad gas

Moving along, we’ve incorporated “g” and “h”. Make all the words you want with the ten keys, not looking of course. Don’t leave your forefingers on those keys. Your left one is loyal to “f”, and your right one is loyal to “j”. No matter how much they wander and fondle other keys, remember who your homies are.

q w e r u i o p

Practice these northern neighbors just like your home keys, with the left pinky pressing “q” and the right one on “p”. Don’t touch “t” and “y”.

tag year poop

*Now* touch “t” and “y”.

z x c v b n m ,

Don’t leave any keys in the middle untouched.

zebra sax bird


After you’ve played the zebra sax, you’ve got all the letters. Now you have some numbers and symbols to memorize. My advice for this is to transcribe some books. Hopefully, at this point you will have a habit of using the finger closest to the key to press it.

Here is where it gets weird. The best thing for my typing speed has been writing replies on Reddit. I’m usually very passionate about whatever idiot I am futilely trying to prove wrong. I strongly believe that arguing with Internet strangers helps you build typing speed. Take that how you will…


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