Five SEO Tips

      1. Make your most important information in text and HTML.

In other words, describe your videos or anything that is “rich text”. If it’s a picture, a video or something else that uses a lotta bites, type a nice description if you want people to find it.


      2. Match your titles to the rest of the content

It’s disorienting for search engines when you have an article about bearded men with long hair and your title is something like, “Stayin Alive”. You might make the connection, but the search engine won’t.

      3. Don’t use old SEO tips.

This field is constantly changing. You know what was different in, say, 2003? Little Nokia phones were the coolest, capri cargo pants were the height of fashion and SEO was a different animal. Businesses have been competing with each other for years to get their search results higher to the top. As search engines and society develops, so do the tricks of the trade.

      4. Link your links

Search engines cannot find other pages on your website without links.

       5. Don’t make a form to access your website.

I have one question for you if you do this and do not intend to be in the Deep Web: Seriously, what the hell? Besides the fact that practically no one is interested in becoming a member to view your website’s mysterious content, search engines cannot access whatever is behind logins. That is, unless your site is Facebook. Is it Facebook?


Author: writingisforbirds

I am a marketing professional who loves to write. My interests are everything from crafts to social issues to birds to SEO.

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