Save the Semicolons!

Has something ever looked so bad while you were writing it that you thoughtlessly popped in a semicolon to try to save it?

I hope not. *Glares*.

No one likes being abused, not even a semicolon. Its father was a period, and its mother was a comma, so it doesn’t even know when it’s being misused sometimes. It is an in between punctuation mark, and it should not be used as a colon or comma. It’s already enough that it has to be a pair of eyes for your winky text face.


A semi-colon should be used to combine two sentences to save a lot of comma splices from occurring.

I love little baby birdies; their cute chirps express the same sentiment to me.

Semi-colons and conjunctions (and, but, if, or) hate each other, so don’t you dare make them play together.

Oh…one more thing. I almost forgot to write about one of the most important uses of the great semicolon! Have you ever wanted to convey to everyone who reads your writing that you have a bachelor’s degree? Simply sprinkle these bad boys in your writing like you’re planting a dense lawn, and you can be confident that your four-year academic journey gets stamped in everyone’s mind!

(It’s ok; sometimes I get carried away, too).


Author: writingisforbirds

I am a marketing professional who loves to write. My interests are everything from crafts to social issues to birds to SEO.

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