Pretty Little URLs

When sending someone a link, how do you write it? What is the proper way to send it? Is it okay to start with “https” or do you begin with “www.”? How about just jumping into the website name and only adding .com to the end?

One detail might have slipped your notice if you don’t pay too much attention to URLs. (URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator by the way.) “https” and “http” are two separate prefixes to websites, and boy does that little “s” make a difference. You can learn more here about the differences.

So, if you want information conveyed about the safety of your link, you should type out the entire URL. This is somewhat of a minor deal for most people, so you can chop it off if you please. Next, you are faced with “www.” Do you need to use it? The short answer is “no”.

“www” is mainly just a filler. It’s just to indicate that there isn’t another part to the URL before the goodies. For example, my blog’s URL is “”. It doesn’t have a “www” in it. It is a webpage that is part of WordPress, not a separate website. If you really want to get left-ring-finger happy, you can type out “www” in front of this address, but it will redirect back to a URL free of the World Wide Web acronym.

Readers, I just typed in because I was playing with URLs, and I have to say, I am wondering when the countdown will end and what will arise. The only links on the page landed me to reading about “The Hedonistic Imperative”.


One thing is for certain about trying to go on new website adventures without a search engine…You will discover some some odd places unexpectedly!


Author: writingisforbirds

I am a marketing professional who loves to write. My interests are everything from crafts to social issues to birds to SEO.

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