The Underpaid Deeds on Upwork

Upwork is the name of a website dedicated to matching freelance workers of all kinds to employers, and vice versa. It was created from a merger of the sites oDesk and Elance. It has a reputation as a site that is now very hard to get established on as a freelancer. Sure, you could easily pick up a few gigs as someone new to the site…if you would like to get paid under minimum wage. Nonetheless, many freelancers find genuine career success there, and it does have a lot of good stuff. Services offered vary from website design to accounting to article writing. I present to you some of the greatest gigs I have spotted, just today!

Convert One PDF to Word

I am not sure what to say about this. Is there something more difficult about this that I am missing? It’s not a very good way to spend your workday. After you spend an hour messaging back and forth, after the guy makes sure that you can indeed do something that he could type into a Google search bar, after the Skype interview that he insists upon, you will get rewarded with five whole bucks.

Write a Little Book

The average amount of words on page in a 12 Times New Roman font is about 500 words. It’s safe to say that it takes about 30 minutes to do with not much research for the seasoned writer. So if you wanted to type this guy’s ebook of 30 pages, it might take you 15 hours to complete (at minimum here). Write this book that you will undoubtedly not profit anymore on for a whopping total of $100 or between $6-7 an hour. Oh, and the best part is that he’s not looking for beginner writers. Amazing! I think I would rather run a cash register.

Translate an Uncommon Language

When you are searching for someone to translate a language that around half a percent of people in the entire world speak (mostly located in an area of dire poverty), be sure to stress how little you are going to pay that person. Go ahead, add an unpaid test project. Oh wait, you did.


Explore for yourself. Don’t be angry; see the humor!


Author: writingisforbirds

I am a marketing professional who loves to write. My interests are everything from crafts to social issues to birds to SEO.

2 thoughts on “The Underpaid Deeds on Upwork”

  1. I am having much better luck on Zerys than Upwork. Only one job from Upwork despite having a masters degree, excellent scores on at least 16 of Upwork’s tests. As opposed to Zerys, on Upwork you have to bid for some of the jobs. I wonder if my rate is too high. I will say this—Upwork has a great variety of projects! I will keep trying.


    1. Some people actually predict that Upwork will fail within a year, because the site is earning so little commission from the underpaid projects. (They are actually desperately trying to encourage higher payment). Don’t let your performance on that one board make you doubt your rates! You have a master’s and are more qualified than most. Lowering your rates is a slippery slope. There are always people who will try to barter you down to slave wages no matter what your skill level.

      Thanks for stopping by. I hadn’t actually heard of Zerys. 🙂


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