Speaking of Craigslist

In my previous post, I mentioned the services of an aspiring editor and how there were good indications that they were…lackluster. There are many more ads requesting and offering writing or editing for a bizarre range of purposes. In fact, you can find anything in the magical world of Craigslist. I went from location to location on the website and found some peculiar posts.

Create Dialogue Based on a Beloved ’89 Movie

This North Carolinian individual would like someone to write to him over email or some form of instant messaging as various characters from Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Yep. He jokes that the ideal candidate should hopefully like Cheerios. Also, if you are interested, you have to take a normal-sized role. This is because the point of this project is so that he can explore the world as a tiny person.

Insult People and Get Business

I live in the southern suburbs, where people act pleasant toward strangers and cursing in a job ad is a great way to never see a paycheck. It’s bizarre to even consider otherwise. That’s why the  New York Craigslist pages are so amusing to me.

Do you want to have a fu***** resume written? Well stop being an idiot and pay me to help you, or it’s going to keep looking like sh**.

Educated & Qualified

The trend I noticed in writing ads in California was that many of the people providing writing services are actually qualified. Their ads were well-written with no typos, no misspellings, and no punctuational or grammatical errors. In fact, I spotted multiple advertisers claiming to have Ph.D.s. However, the high cost of living showed in their rates.


Academic Dishonesty

The Michigan pages seem to have quite a bit more of this than anything else. I wonder why that is. The ads are so specific, too. Having trouble with media studies? Literature papers? College admission paper?  Math problems? Law assignments with in-text citations? (This is real, actually).

Craigslist is such an entertaining place. Missed connections is a favorite light reading of mine. One time I “found my true love” there and responded to his brilliantly humorous ad about rollerskating through the mall. That was such a great piece of literature I with I could share now if it weren’t for the implementation of an expiration date for posts.


Author: writingisforbirds

I am a marketing professional who loves to write. My interests are everything from crafts to social issues to birds to SEO.

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