Neat Little Online Writing Tools

There are all kinds of online tools designed to help you write at your expert disposal. Here are three of ones that I personally recommend. (Note: author gets no revenue from this 🙂 )

Calmly Writer Online

With this, you can eliminate a few steps of opening a Word document or going to your email to open Google Docs. It’s a completely blank webpage where you can type away if something suddenly enters your mind. A small lotus icon fades in and out when you mouse over. Click it and there will be options to download, add a picture and do a grammar check. It even readily displays your word count. It has a link to a typewriter sound extension, but it appears to be glitchy and does not work on some computers.

(It is very easy to get sucked into the Chrome Web Store, but there are plenty of fun things to explore that, who knows, may turn out to be handy. And if you’re dying to make your theme feature colorful hummingbirds, you have come to the right place.)



This tool does the rule research for you. Select from three different options and then type your title in the bar, and it will fix the capitalization for you. Click on the text below to be re-briefed on the capitalization rules.

This is actually a webpage I use almost daily. I hope everyone is as thrilled with this as I have been!


Aside from featuring your creative, personal blog, WordPress just happens to be a shared favorite writing site among writers and employers alike because of its friendly layout and ease of use. Of course, the paid features are amazing, but consider all of your unpaid options as well. WordPress actually does a lot in the way of SEO for the novice user.

Many people are not familiar with this, but the main reason I advocate it is because you can use it as a free portfolio site.

Type “/wp-admin” after your blog’s URL to arrive at your dashboard. Go to settings > writing, and then check the enable box for “portfolio projects”. Have fun!

If you would like added instruction:


Author: writingisforbirds

I am a marketing professional who loves to write. My interests are everything from crafts to social issues to birds to SEO.

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