About Me

I am always interested in the world of writing and where it is going. I happen to like spending an absurd amount of time running countless Google searches on skills that I am trying to learn or build on. I thought I would collect them here for myself and all of you.

I think that even the most die-hard, traditional pen-and-paper fiction writers could enjoy the new directions that technology is taking us. Don’t fear change! Look up from your hardcover thesaurus and graphite-stained fingers and join us.

I never got the option financially to finish my mass communications degree, but I let that stop me from continuing in this field about as much as I let social stigma stop me from talking to wild birds in public (you will get to know this). Writers should support each other. You would be surprised how similar our paths are.

Which leads me to this–connect with me. Send me your ideas for what you want to see. Ask my opinion, and I will ask yours.WIN_20160402_23_38_20_Pro