Another Requirement You Can Meet

Know anything about Adobe? Well today I will brief you. Have a seat. A lot of companies would like you to be familiar with it as a job requirement.

Adobe has a bunch of programs targeted at creative people. These most popular is probably Adobe Photoshop. Below are a few programs I found to be of interest. You will have to pay to download the full versions, but you might just find they really suit your needs. I have linked tutorials for each from across YouTube.

•  InCopy  •

If you’re into copywriting, you may be interested in this. At first glance it’s just like Microsoft Word but a little more serious looking. The difference is the magazine or whatever you’re writing for is not going to be a big document with vertically positioned paragraphs of equal width. That’s where you get to Tinker with the layout! Tutorial

•  Adobe Story  •

Are you a screenwriter? This is a more elite field, but if you have a hobby or dream you can’t be swayed from, check it out. Tutorial 2

•  Adobe Muse  •

You know you should learn some HTML basics, but you don’t know any or very little. If you have a code phobia or simply don’t have time to learn things from our coding brothers and sisters, then I recommend this program for creating websites. The linked video is long, but watch what you need. Tutorial 3

Don’t be intimidated by new programs! Programmers have been making them easier and easier for the layperson to learn.



Ever Written an eBook?

I know somewhere there is someone who just snorted very sharply. Of course, you’ve written 12 1/2 eBooks. You’re a writer.

This has been my personal experience with the ebook world, and if you can excuse my naivete, I have only written one that I think others would enjoy reading, and I have only published on one site.

Where is this book now? It is still available. I can make the changes if I feel like, and I hated the ending of that story, so I will get around to it. Making people get married at the end a work of fiction makes me cringe, and I did it. I’ll fix that eventually.


The site I used was Smashwords. My old profile is still up with me posing with the late and great Plumpkin the rooster. Anyway, like most eBooks, it has not really been marketed, and the tags have been swallowed up in the tag ocean. As a side note, the cover art is atrocious, but I’m no graphic designer.

So what can you do to make your book sell? Obviously not what I’m doing. I am not going to pretend to be an expert. (I sold two or three copies). It’s a combination of hot keywords (tags) that are still popular by the time you get done writing, the skill of your writing, the quality and eye-catching nature of your cover art and taking advantage of appropriate marketing platforms.

It’s basically luck though. One popular blogger might find your book, and the next morning you’re upgrading everything in your life. This scenario is fairly unlikely, so I like to recommend writing eBooks for other reasons. It’s a good way to make a positive online presence, and that is extremely important.


Give This Field a Try

What would that be? Copywriting. This is such an unbelievably fun type of writing. You’re trying to give products some pizzazz. That means you can get as creativas you’ve always dreamed of being. Only once you’ve gotten past the grueling, demoralizing process of job hunting, you can actually get some income instead of trying to stretch those boxes of frosted garbage and junk noodles to the end of the week.

This is a gray feather.


Nope, did it wrong. It’s a soft, light gray feather.

Oh come on. We’re writers here. Tell a story with all the information you have. Paint a picture that’s better than the photo. A silvery feather with light, silken touch.

Okay, it sounds enticing now. Now we get someone to buy it. Let’s say our target audience is senior women looking for new hat feathers. We will post the photo online and add a blurb.

This silvery feather will add just the right silken touch that you need to complete your feminine wardrobe. The neutral color lets you wear one hat for many occasions.

Now we’ve addressed some concerns that these seniors have with their wardrobe and promised to eliminate them. Need a new feather? Got it. Want to still feel feminine? We’ve given you a compliment. Worried about your hat or outfit colors? We’ve got something for all options.

There’s so much more you can do! Don’t feel constrained because there are assignments with strict subject matter and sometimes guidelines. View them as a fun challenges.


The Magical World of Content Writing

There’s definitely a demand for content writers.

This post is directed at those of you who are new to this type of writing. I learned about it probably two years ago myself. It is a field that is either very easy or somewhat challenging, depending on the integrity of your employer.

Think of the last time you came across a blog, and it was complete gibberish. Ugh, who would read that? Good luck getting views. Well, you’ve viewed it. But it was probably a long time ago, before Google honed its skills. Why did that even show up when you typed in something completely different?

At some point a lot of us have thought that search engines just displayed results where your search results were used somewhere in the text; bonus points if they were used in the title. Sorta.

Many companies spend time seeing what common search terms are among search engines like Google and YouTube. These are keywords. Gotta keep up with the trends if you’re a spammy kinda company. One week it might be “Donald Trump”, “hair” and “real”, then the next it might be “birdseed” and “challenge”. Now if you’re a semi-quality site, you’ll have different sections to put your inane pop postings in.

If you want to make alphabet soup and show up in Google searches, then make no effort to have any sort of order. Put your keywords as “Donald Trump”, “hair”, “real”, “birdseed” and “challenge” every other sentence and hope it doesn’t matter that your article is not related to all of these things at once, which would frankly be quite an interesting post.

Read this before you get any funny ideas about getting rich quickly with the new info about keyword stuffing. Great advice.

These are the absolute basics. Keep posted as we advance at a comfortable pace. No need for a seat belt.